For the first time this year, EASA’s General Aviation committee has allocated a slot to the European Ballooning Federation (EBF) during the “GA season opener” campaign, which takes place 14th to 25th March 2022. The aim of this campaign is to promote General Aviation throughout Europe, and especially to orient and motivate pilots (whatever the aircraft) to safety matters.
Ballooning is part of the GA community, and so EBF is enthusiastic about communicating with fellow balloonists and other pilots across Europe.
EBF’s taskforce is planning the following programme:
  • What is EBF, and what can it do for you? by Patricia Lamy, EBF President.
  • Regulating ballooning in Europe, EBF working with EASA, by Paul Spellward, EBF Licensing Expert and UK representative
  • Promoting a safe start to the 2022 season, by Allie Dunnington, Balloon Flight Examiner and international balloon pilot
  • How to follow legislation in daily operations, by Bastien Lefrançois, from La Ferme du Ciel (DBO / CTA) & CAT Flying School (DTO)
  • Questions and answers, moderated by Karel Abbenes, EBF Vice-President and Netherlands representative.
“Our objective is to gather as many interested people and organizations as possible”, says Karel Abbenes, who was the first to present the idea to the EBF Board. “We want to speak to balloonists, manufacturers, NAAs, Federations, National Aero-Clubs, and whoever is interested in ballooning. We will speak about what really matters, at this time when the EASA ballooning regulations are still new and may seem difficult to understand”.
To be sure that they deliver a very professional and entertaining presentation, EBF has asked the help of the Studio of the Netherlands Royal Aeroclub.
So, do not hesitate: On Monday, March, 21st CET, join us on https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81006151301?pwd=WDByTDRkQVhoT3MwdEJtK21tZDBpdz09
About EBF: The European Ballooning Federation – EBF – was founded on April 12th 2014, at the Aero-Club de France in Paris. The objective of the Federation is to support all ballooning activities in Europe. In particular, it aims to achieve a suitable regulatory environment in consultation with national and European regulatory Authorities for the well-being and promotion of ballooning in Europe. Today, EBF has 10 member-states: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and UK. The Federation is open to more members, do contact us!
Contact: President, Patricia Lamy +33(0)6 08 84 84 08 or Karel Abbenes [email protected]

Heb je vragen of suggesties richting EBF, contacteer dan onze vertegenwoordigers binnen EBF
(Yves LANNOY en Geert PEIRSMAN) via [email protected]

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